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Best Uses for Different Apple Types

Fall has officially begun, which means it’s time for apples! All different types of apples are turning up everywhere right now: grocery stores, farmers markets, cider mills, or maybe you like to pick your own. But now that you’ve got some apples, what should you do with them? Each apple type is best suited to different uses, but sometimes it can be hard to keep them all straight.

Most types of apples found in Michigan are great for eating right as they are. Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, and Red Delicious are the best for either being put on salads or for eating as a snack. If you slice apples a lot, then you know how quickly apples can turn brown once they’re sliced. But Ginger Golds are good at resisting turning brown.

Gala and Empire apples are very versatile; delicious both fresh and baked. If you want to make applesauce, Gala apples are particularly excellent for that. Empire apples work well for making caramel apples. If you’d like your apples to last a while, Empires also have a good shelf life.

In the mood for a fresh baked apple pie or other type of baked good? McIntosh, Jonathan, Ida Red, and Jonagold are all perfect for baking. Rome apples also work well for baking, but tend to be too bland to be made into applesauce.

Need some more ideas for ways to use your apples? has a fantastic section of apple recipes.

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