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Best Things to Buy in July

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Sick of your old patio set and really want a new one? If you can, you should wait until September or October to get the best bang for your buck.

Continuing on with our trend of spreading the news about what products will have the best deals for each month, we’ve got your “What to Buy” and “What to Hold Off On” lists for July! And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for sales this Independence Day weekend!

What to Buy:

–       Sandals | Although they get cheaper as summer goes by, we start seeing discounts now

–       Grills | If you can wait until August you can get better deals- but these are still hot!

–       Digital SLR cameras

–       Top shelf tools


What to Hold Off On:

–       Sunglasses

–       Patio Sets

–       HDTVs

So save yourself some cash with these seasonal sales and put it towards a summer vacation, because we could all use a good vacation once in awhile. J


Photo Credit: Elliot Brown

Source: MSN Money

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