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The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Tax Refund

It’s tax season again, and with all the dread of pulling out the piles of receipts you have accumulated and the long waiting period you have to deal with because your employer hasn’t sent you the W2 that is needed to actually start the process, there is that lovely silver lining glimmering in the distance.

You know the one I’m talking about – the best part of tax season, hands down. It’s your tax refund. And while you may be thinking about all the cool things you buy, like a new iPhone or Tablet or an awesome shopping spree, one very important thing you could spend your money on may be overlooked. What about using your tax refund as a down payment on a new home in a great community that is close to all of the activities you enjoy doing? Think about it – with that refund in hand you are that much closer to being a homeowner. You would no longer have to deal with cramped apartments with neighbors above you or connected to you by thin walls, or having a landlord that never returns your calls, even when your pipes freeze and need to be replaced in the middle of winter. With your tax refund you could be on your way to owning an upgraded home with all the features that matter most to you, in a neighborhood full of all the amenities you could want – 24 hour fitness center, sports facilities, swimming pools, clubhouses, and more.

If you don’t think you will be getting enough back in your tax return to have a great down payment for a home with all of these things, consider this: at HomeFirst™ they offer a down payment match program to help increase what you can put down toward your new home. This means that whatever you can put down for a payment, it could be matched up to $4,000.

Becoming a homeowner has never been easier, and with the added benefits of amazing amenities, communities located all throughout Michigan next to the places and activities you want to be a part of, and the great feeling of knowing that you will no longer be paying someone else’s mortgage with your hard-earned money, using your tax refund to buy a home is not only a responsible choice, but a choice that almost guarantees a future of opportunities for fun or relaxation. After all, with as many fun activities and relaxing amenities available at the HomeFirst communities, you will never be at a loss of things to do.


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