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Best ‘of the Month’ Clubs as Gifts

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Want to give someone on your Christmas list something truly special without breaking the bank? Then you should definitely check out an “of the Month” club as a gift-giving idea.

There are so many “of the Month” clubs out there, you can get anything from beer to beauty products, so you can truly give a gift that someone will love. It’s a gift that will just keep on giving! There is nothing more satisfying as the gift giver and as the gift recipient to know that there will be a delightful package delivered to someone’s doorstep every month for a year.

It’s like giving someone 12 quality gifts. How can you go wrong?

Here is a compilation of a few interesting and fun ‘Of the Month’ clubs. Choose the one that best suits who you are purchasing it for and watch as they open their gift in excitement over and over again!

Photo Credit: Judit Klein

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