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The Best Mix in Lansing, MI – Minor League Baseball, Lugnuts, and the Automotive Industry

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the ability to be outside without freezing. Springtime in Lansing, MI also means baseball – and with the Lansing Lugnuts gearing up to celebrate 20 seasons of minor league play, this year is the best year for you to cheer on your local team down at the Cooley Law School Stadium.

Lansing has a long history that is intertwined with automobiles – in 1902 Ransom E. Olds chose Lansing as the city he would begin the large-scale production of the Oldsmobile in. The Lansing Lugnuts, who are credited with being one of the earliest minor league teams to adopt an off the wall team name, also have close ties to the automotive industry. The Cooley Law School Stadium was originally named Oldsmobile Park, which is where the Lugnuts have played since their very first game 20 years ago.

Since 1996, the first year professional minor league baseball returned to Lansing, the Lansing Lugnuts have been providing entertainment for the Lansing community. The team’s opening year set an attendance record for Minor League Baseball with 538,326 fans, and over the last 20 seasons the stands have remained crowded with local residents and visitors alike.

The 2015 Lugnuttiest Days event calendar has been posted, and it is full of fun activities for the entire family, as well as special events and prices to celebrate the 20 seasons the Lugnuts have been playing in Lansing. Take the family out for the Memorial Day Dime Dog Cookout, Father’s Day Catch & Cookout, Labatt Thirsty Thursdays, or any of the many other events held all season.

If you want to watch some great Minor League Baseball, the Lansing Lugnuts always give their fans a great show. On April 9 the Lugnuts start their regular season with the anticipated 9th Annual Crosstown Showdown against the Michigan State Spartans. Lugnuts games and events will be held throughout the week and into the weekend during the season, which makes it easy for people to make it down to the stadium and see the team play.

This year head down to the Cooley Law School Stadium, grab a hot dog and some peanuts and catch a great baseball game with the Lansing Lugnuts. We’ll see you there!

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