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Benefits of Renting a Manufactured Home at HomeFirst™

Looking for a new home or apartment to rent? Don’t overlook the option of renting a manufactured home instead! Renting a manufactured home, especially in a HomeFirst ™ community, has some distinct advantages that you might not get with renting other types of properties.

More Freedom

One of the big reasons why so many people prefer to rent instead of own is because they like the freedom of not being tied down to one location for a long time. But, of course, one of the biggest downsides about renting is that you don’t have as much freedom to decorate the way you want to. Most landlords aren’t about to let their tenants make significant changes to their properties. If you really want laminate flooring in your living room, but your landlord is big on carpeting, you’re probably going to be stuck with that carpeting. Landlord restrictions aren’t just limited to your home’s decor, either. Some landlords have lots of very restrictive rules about other things, too, like pets and visitors. So while you gain freedom in one way, you lose freedom in other ways, too.

But renting a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community is unique in the sense that you have the freedom of being able to move again in a couple of years if you like, but you also have the freedom to treat the home just like you would as if it were your own. Yes, that’s right! Even if you rent a manufactured home in one of our communities, you won’t have to be stuck with plain white or beige walls if you don’t want to be. Just get permission from the community manager first! Want to plant some flowers in the yard? Go for it! Have a pet? Bring them along! HomeFirst™ offers pet-friendly home communities.

More Amenities

Whether you’re dealing with site-built homes or apartments, you might not get much in the way of added amenities. Some nicer apartment complexes might have a swimming pool or a fitness room, but rental houses probably won’t have anything like that. When you’re paying that much in rent, wouldn’t it be nice to get a little something extra for your money?

But HomeFirst™ communities are full of first-rate amenities that youll absolutely love. The exact amenities available to our residents will vary from community to community, but our communities typically have features like 24-hour fitness rooms, swimming pools, playgrounds, walking trails, picnic areas, and athletic areas. All community amenities are available to enjoy for no extra cost! You’ll also have access to your community’s stylish community clubhouse, which is the perfect place to get together and have fun with your neighbors!

Better Management

If you’re a renter, you know the drill when something needs to be repaired: you pick up the phone and call your landlord. But what if your landlord isn’t always around? Maybe they have a full-time job and are hard to reach during certain times of the day. In some cases, your landlord might not even live anywhere near you, so it’s not like they can personally come over and check out problems when they come up.

When you rent a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, help really is always just a phone call away. All HomeFirst™ communities have 24-hour on-site management available so someone will be there to help you anytime, day or night.

For many people, renting is simply a more practical option than owning. By renting a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll be making a very smart move. Take a look at some of the lovely manufactured homes for rent in our communities. With so many homes to rent in so many great locations, you’re bound to find the perfect home for you. Once you spend some time living in one of our communities, you’ll never want to go back to renting apartments our regular houses ever again!

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