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Benefits of a Manufactured Home in the Winter

HomeFirst™ Manufactured Homes are great places to live all year round, and it’s proven if you take a look at the HomeFirst™ website and see all the fun activities there are to do all year round.  Even in the harsh Michigan winters, a HomeFirst™ manufactured home community is the place to be because of all the benefits that come with living here such as a plowing company coming through and taking care of the streets as well as all the energy and how energy efficient your manufactured home is.  It won’t take long after living in one of our manufactured homes in the winter to see that you made the right choice.

Shoveling Time is Limited

We all dread the same thing every year that winter comes along, and that is how much time is going to be spent shoveling along with the back pain that arises as a result.  The amount of time you spend shoveling your snow will be pretty limited. Besides keeping the time you’ll spend shoveling to a minimum, there is a plowing crew that comes through and takes care of the streets within the community for you so you’ll be able to get to work on time the next morning.  This way you won’t have to worry about the city’s plowing crew to make it to your street, and by the time you have to go somewhere it might be too late.

The Heat Stays In

Living in a house during the winter can be a drag just because of all the opportunities there are for the heat in your house to seep through any cracks or creases outside that your house may have.  If you’re living in a HomeFirst™ manufactured house, you won’t have to worry about that because the manufactured homes are built specifically to eliminate seams and cracks that would normally come with a site-built house. This is possible because floors and ceilings are built as single units so there are fewer cracks and gaps created,  which could possibly save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.  Say goodbye to those cold drifts at night you would otherwise have to deal with living in a site-built house!

Snow Day!

If your kids get the day off from school due to a snow day in Michigan, more than likely they’re going to want to go sledding or play in the snow somewhere.  This might require piling everyone into a car and driving to a friends house or park if you lived anywhere else, but not when you live in a manufactured housing community! There is plenty of space in HomeFirst ™manufactured housing communities for kids to build a snowman, make snow angels, or any number of other snow activities, especially around the play structures where they would be playing in the summer. And you don’t even have to move your car anywhere because everything is within walking distance.

Nothing is more relaxing after playing outside with your kids all day in the snow than curling up on the couch with a book in your warm and relaxing manufactured home. After you realize the back pain you’re avoiding and the money you’re saving on the heat bill, you’re going to ask yourself, “Why didn’t I move into a manufactured home sooner?”

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