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Benefits of Manufactured Housing for Seniors

With Baby Boomers retiring in droves, the number of Americans over the age of 65 is expected to reach 38.6 million by the year 2030. AARP and Harvard’s Joint Center for Affordable Housing recently conducted a study and found that, with so many people heading into retirement, America is “unprepared to meet the escalating need for affordability, accessibility, social connectivity, and supportive services.” While many other housing options are becoming less attainable for seniors, manufactured housing is still very much within reach. In fact, manufactured housing can offer solutions to many of the problems highlighted in this study.


Regardless of age, one of the biggest advantages of living in a manufactured home is that it is so affordable. In 2012, the average cost per square foot of a manufactured home was $41.97, compared to $86.30 per square foot for a site-built single family home (excluding land).

Although affordable housing is hugely important to people of all ages, retirees who don’t own their own home have particularly good reason to be concerned as they are at risk for sudden rent increases. The AARP/Harvard study found that 33% of people over 50 faced a housing cost burden in 2012, up from 25% in 2000 (A cost burden being defined as a person spending at least 30% of their income on rent). When so much money is being spent on housing, people are forced to spend less on other needs like food and medical care. But with manufactured homes being so affordable, seniors wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of a landlord’s whims.

Owning a manufactured home can also save you money in other ways. For example, at HomeFirstTM, our homes are built for maximum energy efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about losing money on energy costs due to heat escaping through leaks.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is hugely important for the health and well-being of seniors and manufactured housing communities can really put the emphasis on the word “community.” We regularly plan fun activities for our residents, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out of the house and to get to know your neighbors. Each of our locations features a clubhouse open to all residents, which is the perfect setting to spend time with your neighbors, friends, and family.


Manufactured homes are one story. This makes manufactured homes ideal for seniors who have difficulty climbing stairs, since they will be able to have full access to their home and not feel confined to certain areas.

According to the Harvard/AARP study, 21% of older adults miss out on activities because of driving limitations. Manufactured housing communities can be very walkable areas, making it easy to get around.


Some of the amenities manufactured housing communities offer can enrich a senior’s life.

We also make it easy for our residents to stay fit with our fitness centers and swimming pools. A regular routine of moderate physical activity can help seniors improve bone and joint health and reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes.

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