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Back to School Buzz

Day 35/365

Stock up on supplies and get your children mentally and physically prepared for school with this 5-step guide.

  1. Get shopping now. It may seem early, but school supplies started arriving in most stores around the 4th of July holiday. That means stock is already getting low, and certain items will be hard to find soon. Plus, the earlier you start, the more price comparing you can do, thus saving the most money.
  2. Get checked up. Scheduling doctors’ visits before the school year starts is always a good idea. Not only can you make sure your children are physically healthy and ready to learn, you can also update vaccinations and hopefully prevent missing school time.
  3. Connect with the teacher. Once you child’s teacher has assigned, be sure to reach out to him or her and introduce yourself. It is also a good idea to find out how they like to communicate with parents (notes, email or phone). By initiating and creating open channels to talk about your child’s progress, you can become a partner in their learning experience.
  4. Dive back into learning. Have you let your kids slack off for the summer so far? Now’s a good time to get them back in learning mode to ensure they don’t start the school year behind. Encourage them to read, do activity books and test with flash cards. Having them write a recap of their summer vacation is a good idea as well.
  5. Get to sleep. It’s natural for strict bedtimes to slip during the summer, but you’ll need to re-establish them within a month. Start by gradually putting the kids to bed 5-10 minutes earlier each night until you’re all back on track. Sleeping well is key to learning.

Do your best to get started on these items now. The school year will be here before you know it!

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