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5 Autumn Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Manufactured Home


Do you enjoy decorating your home for various holidays, for specific seasons, or are you simply like to make occasional changes to your living space throughout the year that won’t be a lot of work or very much of an expense? These autumn kitchen décor ideas could work great in any home, whether you live in a manufactured home community or not. Simple and inexpensive ideas such as the below could be a great way to boost your mood and celebrate a colorful season.

Wall Art

Switching out a piece of art to match the season in rooms, such as kitchens, could be a great way to celebrate the season and tweak your décor. Photos denoting autumn, Halloween, or thanksgiving could all be easily switched out to give your space a warm and fun vibe.

Art is also easy to store. Having a few similar sized seasonal pieces for a main kitchen piece of art can be easily stored under a bed or in a closet and it’s simple to switch out art without having to worry about changing the hanging kit on the wall. This could help you with not only autumn décor but décor for other favorite times of the year as well.

Beyond framed art, you could also craft your own framed masterpieces, too. Collages of art made by your children, photos of kids playing in colorful leaves, printable art with themes, such as leaves, apples, or Halloween, that can easily be put into frames and hung during the fall. They’re easy to swap out and are easy to store (for those with space constraints).

Kitchen Linens

Swapping out your usual oven mitts and kitchen towels for something with Fall flair is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Hanging seasonal towels from a rod, oven mitts from a hook, and having fall themed placemats or a tablecloth offers a great way to spruce up your décor inexpensively. And if you celebrate Christmas, you can do this again in several weeks with Christmas-themed kitchen linens, too.


A table or breakfast bar isn’t just a focal point for a home visually. It’s also the hub for family meals, get togethers, conversations, and coffee with friends. There are a lot of great table centerpiece ideas you can either buy or make yourself that create an autumn feel. Pinecones, the horn of plenty, or Halloween-themed centerpieces work great as autumn kitchen décor.

If you have a breakfast bar, a table, and a sidebar or china cabinet you’ll find plenty of surfaces to display great little centerpieces that show your love for the fall season.

Scents of the Season

Adding scent to a space can change the feel of that space. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are signature scents of fall. A bowl of potpourri, scented candles, or melted wax warmers can all lend themselves to an autumn vibe in the kitchen. When someone enters your home and catches what smells like baked goods, it’s a welcoming feeling. Nothing says autumn like the scent of pumpkin pie, which is easy to find and replicate with homemade potpourri.

Other Little Extras that Can Make a Difference

Some people decorate windows with decals or swap out their window coverings or floor mats either at the entrance or at the kitchen sink and stove. Adding whimsical fall salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders are another quick and easy way to decorate for the season.

Adding something like a wreath to your door or a seasonal welcome mat or some fall mums outside the door of your manufactured home also welcomes fall to the entire community.

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