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Autumn Activities at HomeFirst™

In the summer, it can sometimes get too hot for your kids to play outside and the thought of heat stroke and sunburn would worry any parent.  Now that the fall season is here, the temperature is much cooler and more comfortable for your kids to run around and play as much as they want.  If you live in a home in one of our HomeFirst™ communities, you’re in luck because the amount of activities you can do in a HomeFirst™ Community are endless.  Almost all of the HomeFirst™ Manufactured Housing Communities have athletic courts like basketball courts, in-line hockey rinks, soccer, and baseball fields. All of these activities can be played outdoors on those mild fall days where the temperature doesn’t go above 70 degrees.  

Your Kids will Love the Community

The reason why we provide these kinds of features is because we want your kids to make friends within the community.  Anytime the weather cooperates and your kids can enjoy any activity they want, and they’ll feel comfortable playing with another kid within the confines of the community.  Some of our communities even have space where kids can play a friendly game of football or even just throw the football around for fun if they want. Although not every child likes the change of moving from one house to another, it’ll surely make their day once they find out that the manufactured house they’re moving to comes with many outdoor public activities that all of the HomeFirst™ residents may enjoy.  

Use the Clubhouse to Your Advantage

Every HomeFirst™ Community has a clubhouse that any of its residents may enjoy.  If you and your friends want to play a rousing game of cards for a few hours during a chilly fall evening, that’s great.  You can also compliment your card games with snacks and beverages that you’re able to bring from your house. Once your friends realize how much fun can come from the clubhouse, they might want to make card games a weekly occurrence! There are even events we organize such as Bingo and pot lucks that go on in the HomeFirst™ clubhouses. These events are usually posted on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!  
You can make fall be the best season of the year living at any one of the HomeFirst™ Communities in Michigan.  You can find affordable homes that range up to 2,300 square feet of space. If you don’t own a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home yet, you’re missing out on all the fun!  Check out our available homes right away before you miss out on all the fun that HomeFirst™ has to offer during the fall season!           

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