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Auburn Hills Holds Easter Egg Hunt April 19

For much of Michigan, spring is already here! The snow is melting to reveal the grass we all forgot was down there, the weather means you don’t have to wear huge (or several) coats, and you probably haven’t had to scrape anything off of your car for a few weeks. It’s been great, right?

And every time spring comes back around, you know what comes with it? Easter! And with Easter comes the most fun thing you can do with an egg – other than turn it into a delicious breakfast – Easter egg hunts!

Okay, maybe Easter eggs aren’t as fun for grown-ups. The dye gets everywhere (and smells kind of bad), you have to make sure none of the eggs break while you’re hiding them, and what if you can’t find one until a month later? Lucky for you, the city of Auburn Hills has you covered!

Every year, the city of Auburn Hills has their own Easter egg hunt! Kids from Auburn Hills (and surrounding areas like Davisburg and Holly) are invited to hunt for Easter eggs – and candy! – through Auburn Hills’ beautiful Civic Center Park. In addition to the egg search, the Easter Bunny himself will be on hand for pictures and to judge the Annual Easter Bonnet Contest, where kids can wear their own beautiful Easter bonnet and enter a number of categories, such as Most Patriotic and Prettiest.

Sounds good for the kids, right? And for all the adults in attendance, before the festivities are over there will be a perfectly fun, totally messy, and likely stress-reducing Egg Toss! Come on, when’s the last time you’ve been able to break an egg on purpose other than making an omelette?

The Easter Egg Hunt will take place Saturday, April 19th at the Civic Center Park on North Squirrel Road in Auburn Hills. The hunt itself begins at noon, but participants are suggested to arrive early to ensure good parking and entry to the event. There will be a small fee of $2 per child. For more information, you can visit the Auburn Hills Parks and Recreation Events calendar.

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