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After School Fun with HomeFirst™

Sometimes it can be hard to keep your kids entertained as they come rushing home from school with all that energy. Even after all the homework is done, they want to play. Studies have shown that kids end up healthier when allowed access to outside play. According to an article by Early Childhood News, young children develop their skills best in the outdoors. They also get some exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle early on. So before you let them rush off to play video games, enjoy some time with them outside, embracing some of the many features HomeFirst™ communities offer your family! Here are just a few examples.


When you’re looking for some simple outdoor fun, what better place than a playground. Springrove families have access to playgrounds as well as covered picnic areas and outdoor swimming pools. There’s also a 24-hour fitness center and in-line skating/roller hockey rink! Talk about experiencing the outdoors, Springrove offers it all!

Augusta Woods

HomeFirst™’s Augusta Woods community also offers your family some unique options for outdoor recreation, including play areas and swimming pools and also basketball courts and picnic areas. If entertaining for a larger crowd is more your style, Augusta Woods also offers community members access to banquet rooms and kitchen facilities, perfect for any party occasion! Your kids could even use the clubhouse to do homework with other kids from the community.


Riverbrook will never leave you and your kids or guests feeling bored. The clubhouse offers a great space to entertain, whether it be barbecuing outside or relaxing by the fireside. Riverbrook also offers a 24-hour fitness center, wooded recreation areas, outdoor playgrounds, and active sporting areas including a basketball court and baseball field – perfect for that aspiring athlete of yours!

Clinton River

Most HomeFirst™ communities offer nature and walking trails, but if you’re looking for something more, Clinton River offers your family not only plenty of picnic and recreation areas, but also access to local boating and fishing areas. Get the most out of nature with Clinton River!

Don’t waste another minute in a boring neighborhood. Give your kids, and yourself, the best community you can and choose HomeFirst™ today!


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