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Advice for First-Time HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home Owners

So let’s say you’re moving out of a living situation like an apartment or duplex and are about to settle into your first manufactured home. Like any new homeowner, you might have some questions about what to expect or what you should do. Here’s some quick advice for anyone moving into a manufactured home for the first time!

Get To Know Your Home
This might seem a little obvious, but with all the differences (and advantages) manufactured homes offer, you’ll want to take a little time to look around the inside. Find out what room is best for which member of your family, take a look at the ample storage space our homes offer, even check out the bathroom! Any new home takes time to truly learn all the ins and outs, and with the space and storage you get in a HomeFirst™ manufactured home you’ll really benefit from putting a lot of thought into your home’s layout.

As far as your home’s exterior is concerned, you’ll want to pay specific attention to the material your home is made out of. Most manufactured homes have vinyl siding, which offers a lot of advantages when it comes to durability and maintenance, but you’ll want to look up some tips for cleaning so you know what to do when the time comes to brighten up the outside of your home.

Have a Professional Connect the Utilities
This is good advice for most homeowners, but it’s even better advice for manufactured homes. Due to the specific process involved with connecting utilities to a manufactured home (including the posts used to connect the electrical) you’ll want to have a professional from the utility companies handle all of your connections – and if they have experience with manufactured home utilities, all the better!

Take A Look Around the Neighborhood
As excited as you might be to start unpacking and moving your family into your new home, don’t forget to check out your new neighborhood! HomeFirst™ communities offer a wide variety of amenities and perks such as fitness centers, playgrounds, sports grounds, and even pools! And each community offers their own neighborhood-wide activities, such as Resident Appreciation Night and our Walk-A-Thons to make sure you have the chance to get to know your neighborhood – and your neighbors!

But what if you don’t own a HomeFirst™ yet? Why not browse our manufactured homes for sale and see just how easy, fun, and affordable owning your own home can be?

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