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Advantages to Having Your Home Built in a Factory

One of the main differences between a manufactured home and most other types of housing is that manufactured homes are built in a factory, then moved to the site where it is to be placed, instead of being completely built on the site. What many people don’t realize is that homes built in factories have some very distinct advantages over site-built homes.

It’s More Affordable

Manufactured homes have a reputation for being much more affordable than other types of housing. The cost per square foot to build a manufactured home is just a fraction of what it costs to build a site built home. When people see prices so low, they often think it’s too good to be true; that there must be a catch somewhere.

In reality, the fact that manufactured homes are built in factories is what makes them so affordable. They aren’t made with flimsier or substandard materials; they’re constructed using the exact same materials that are used to build site-built homes. The only difference is factories that produce manufactured homes have the luxury of being able to purchase materials in bulk, so they get better deals and pass the savings on to you. That’s all!

It Takes Less Time to Build

Talk to anyone who has ever had a new site-built home built for them and you will inevitably hear plenty of horror stories about delays. Maybe it was a weather-related delay or a project taking longer than anticipated. In any case, these sorts of problems aren’t an issue when a home is being built in a factory. Construction can carry on even in bad weather

A manufactured home is typically built within weeks while a site-built homes can take several months to over a year to complete.

Building Materials Stay in Good Condition

With site-built homes, building materials are often left outside where they are exposed to the elements. Being left out in the rain means there’s a chance for the building materials to rust or warp and mold and mildew has a chance to start growing. But with manufactured homes, you don’t have to worry about that since they are built indoors, shielded from the weather. So when your home arrives at the site you want it placed on, you can be assured that the materials it was built with are in the absolute best condition.

Better Quality Control

Being built in a factory gives manufactured homes some distinct advantages in terms of quality. Houses can be inspected at any point in construction, ensuring that everything meets their high standards. Factories also tend to use the most sophisticated, up-to-date equipment possible, allowing for extremely precise cuts and measurements to be made. And when a house is built in a factory, that means the people who build it are highly trained and work under the supervision of other highly skilled professionals.

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