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A Wholehearted Poem by a Community Secretary

Thanksgiving spread
Here is a wholehearted poem written by Northville Crossing Community Manager Freida Boggs. From Freida, all the community managers and the rest of us at HomeFirst, we wish you a very happy, loving and family-filled Thanksgiving Holiday!

Talking Turkey

I heard two turkeys talking and I heard the first one say

“I think we’d best get out of here Thanksgiving’s on it’s way

It will be here in a week or two, I heard the farmers talking

They said they need two dozen hens,

So I guess we should just start walking.

So they took off that very day and headed for the hills

“Do you think they will miss us?” “No I’m sure they never will

There are lots of turkeys on the farm and we all look the same.

Don’t you worry we’ll be okay.

They don’t even know our names.

There’s Roz and Zoe and Liz and Kim and Mable and Katie Sue.

There are just too many for them to remember me and you.

We’ll go some place where we can stay safely on our own.

Then when Thanksgiving is over

we’ll simply sneak back home.”

They started out in a “Turkey Trot” feeling safe and free.

But they heard gun shots and voices, and they both cried out “Oh gee”

We never should have left the farm. Now what do we do?

Let’s just go back the way we came

and away they flew.

They would run awhile and fly awhile ‘til they got back home and then

They heard the farmers “Talking Turkey” that they had their needed hens.

They were so happy to be alive, and to be safely home

They both sang out in harmony

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone.”

From all of us Turkeys!!

By: Frieda Boggs : Northville Crossing Community Secretary

Photo Credit: ‘fatherspoon’

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