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A History of Manufactured Homes

Even though manufactured housing is more mainstream than it’s ever been, it actually made its appearance back in 1764 when a panelized frame made its way to Massachusetts from London.  Major production of them in the United States dates back to 1926 in New York. Of course, the first ones didn’t come with plumbing installed, but people of the United States were astonished that they could actually travel and sleep inside a place that reminded them of home. Being able to travel hundreds of miles by car and stay in a house that was manufactured offsite made it much less stressful than sleeping in a tent because of all the equipment you have to remember that comes with putting up a tent.  

Manufactured Homes are Quality Homes

Since 1976, all manufactured homes in the United States have been built to standards set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. The HUD code sets very high standards for durability, construction, and safety of all manufactured homes so the people who live in them will have a wonderful home for decades to come!

HomeFirst™Takes Pride in History

Since 1972, HomeFirst™ has been a very flexible, convenient manufactured housing community that anyone can live in. From the low monthly prices to the entertainment within the community, HomeFirst™ is perfect for anyone who lives alone or for a family of fou.  We’ve taken notice on what makes people attracted to a place to live.  

Entertainment, exercise opportunities, area, and space of living are only four aspects that people look into when searching for a new place to live and at HomeFirst™, we’ve incorporated all those features into one community.  The entertainment and exercise can come from our 24-hour fitness center or our sports playing fields that include soccer, baseball and volleyball. All of the cities that HomeFirst™ Communities are located in are some of the safest cities in Michigan. If you’re going to put in the time and effort to invest your family’s future in us then we want to make sure you’re in the safest hands possible at HomeFirst™.

The future for manufactured homes is brighter than ever! With all the amazing benefits they have to offer, it’s easy to see why!  Why not take a look at some of the manufactured homes available to rent or own in our HomeFirst™ communities? The perfect home for you and your family could be right there waiting for you!

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