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A Christmas Poem By Northville Crossing Community Secretary

The Gift of Love

I love it in December when all is calm and bright

The snow is falling silently; homes glow with candlelight

The trees are all a glimmer with bright and golden cheer.

It is a world of splendor

When Christmas time is near.

The people are all scurrying around from store to store

Trying to find the perfect gift sometimes is a chore

Santa will be coming to those who still believe

He, especially, knows it’s better

To give than to receive.

Families get together, they know they will be blessed

They come from all around the world to share the happiness.

Around the Christmas table, after giving thanks

They share a meal fit for a king

Prepared by caring hands.

We open all our Christmas gifts placed underneath the tree

We pause to count our blessings of hope and charity.

We must not take for granted all these things from above

Just don’t forget the greatest gift of all.

Is the gift of love

Poem By: Northville Crossing Community Secretary, Freida Boggs

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