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9 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

Sleep, it can be argued, is the most important time of the day. You’ll spend more time sleeping this year than doing anything else. When you consider how much time you’ll spend in bed, few rooms are worthy of a greater investment than your bedroom. Give your bedroom some extra charm and character with these nine ideas.

Let There Be Light

Hang lights behind a sheet or thin curtain to give your room a little sparkle. Use traditional tree lights or buy more decorative ones from your nearby crafts store.

Down Comforter

Investing in a down comforter will make your bed feel much more warm, cushy and snug. Here you can find some of the top-rated down comforters and information on what to look for when making a selection.

Add Pillows

Blanketing your bed with pillows is an easy way to give it an extra dose of charm, especially if you buy them in a variety of shapes and textures. Two pillows on each side of the bed should do the trick.

Bedside Rug

Adding a fluffy rug on each side of the bed can give your bedroom a cozier look and feel. You’ll feel like you’re stepping onto a cloud each time you get out of bed. You can buy a soft, inexpensive rug at IKEA or pretty much any crafts store.

Make Your Bed Every Day

A made bed can change the outlook of your entire bedroom. It doesn’t have to be hotel-quality, but tucking in the sheets, fluffing the pillows and making sure everything is all nice and tidy can make a big difference.

Create a Canopy

With a little creative ingenuity, you can feel like you’re sleeping on a tropical island with a cozy canopy hanging over you head. Just hang some fabric from the ceiling with hooks or thumbtacks. Get some inspiration here!

Bedside Fan

If you tend to overheat when you’re sleeping, buy a soft-humming tabletop fan. Make room for it on your nightstand and keep it running all night. Pretty soon you’ll get used to the noise – you may even find it soothing. The fan will provide just enough air to keep you cool throughout the night.

Sleeping Soundtrack

If you have trouble falling asleep, add a little bedtime music to the mix. Create a gentle soundtrack (or buy a premade one) and play it through your Bluetooth speaker. Noises of nature or classical compositions can be very relaxing.

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