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9 Simple Ways to Pay it Forward

A small gesture can make a huge impact in the lives of others. The world is flooded with stories about people’s lives being changed by the good deeds of complete strangers. “Paying it Forward” is the philosophy that when somebody does a good deed for you, you should do a good deed for somebody else. For example, if Michael does a good deed for you, you should do a good deed for Kate.

Has someone done something nice for you lately? Here are 9 thoughtful ways to pay it forward in your manufactured home community and beyond. A tip of the cap to Marc and Angel for the ideas and inspiration!

1) Feed the Meter

If you’re walking down the street and notice somebody’s meter has expired, pop in a couple quarters to save them from getting a parking ticket.

2) Write a Review

Most people use review sites like Yelp only when they want to vent about a poor experience. If you’ve had a good experience at a local business, write a positive review. Reviews are the lifeblood of some small businesses.

3) Donate Blood

Speaking of blood, did you know that donating one-pint of blood could save up to three lives? Donating blood is a beautiful gesture and can make the ultimate difference in the lives of others.

4) Show Compassion

If you notice a lonely-looking person eating by himself at a crowded restaurant, invite him to join your party. Even if the person declines, it’s a nice gesture he’s sure to appreciate.

5) Share Your Umbrella

If you’re walking outside with an umbrella during a rainstorm, offer to share it with somebody who isn’t covered.

6) Feed the Needy

Next time you notice a homeless person sitting near a restaurant or bagel store, stop inside and get him something to eat.

7) Donate Pet Food

The people who operate pet shelters are anonymous heroes in our society. Unfortunately, many of them are short on resources. Give them (and their adorable pets) a hand by donating food, toys and supplies.

8) Book It

Do you have some extra books lingering around your manufactured home? Donate them to a library or school, where resources might be a little low.

9) Write a Note

If you’ve noticed somebody going above and beyond in their duties as a friend, family member or co-worker, send the person a hand-written letter acknowledging that you recognize and appreciate all that they do.

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