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9 Corn Mazes in Southeast Michigan

Corn mazes are one of the most popular Halloween activities for both children and adults. Test your navigational skills at one of these nine corn maze farms in Southeast Michigan.

DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

City: Belleville
Address: 50240 Martz Road
Description: DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch boasts more than 13 acres of twisting and winding trails, making it one of the places to go this fall! The area is so big, it actually consists of three mazes with different levels of difficulty. For an even more challenging experience, come during the night!

The Blast Corn Maze

City: Dexter
Address: 6175 Daly Rd
Description: With three exits, the Blast Corn Maze has different skill levels to accommodate all corn maze enthusiasts. While you’re in the area, pick up a pumpkin and other treats at the U-Pick Pumpkin Patch.

Talladay Farms

City: Milan
Address: 6270 Judd Rd
Description: Covering an astounding 27 acres, Talladay Farms has one of the largest corn mazes not just in Michigan, but throughout the Midwest. This year, there are actually two mazes with inspired designs like a dolphin, whale, octopus and more!

Farmer Charley’s Corn Maze

City: Monroe
Address: 6421 N. Stony Creek Rd
Description: With several options to choose from, pick a maze that’s right for you! The largest maze is intended for people 14 years and older (individuals who can navigate trails on their own), while the middle-sized maze is less challenging. The smallest option is an Ag-in-the-Classroom maze, which is used to teach about agriculture and farm life.

Charles L. Bowers School Farm

City: Bloomfield Hills
Address: 1219 E. Square Lake Rd
Description: With 3.5 miles of trails in three separate mazes, Charles L. School Farm presents quite the challenge. Start at the beginner’s maze before graduating to the more difficult courses. Want to add another dimension of fun? Participate in an interactive game within the maze, perhaps even in the dark!

Farmer J’s Corn Maze

City: Dundee
Address: 16405 Pherdun Rd
Description: Unlike some of the other mazes, Farmer J’s Corn Maze isn’t “haunted,” making it an enticing option for families. Enthusiasts are still welcome to come after dark, with a flashlight of course, for a more challenging and spooky experience.

Maybury Farm

City: Northville
Address: 50165 Eight Mile Rd
Description: With 10 acres of thick lush corn, Maybury Farm’s corn maze may best be known for its height. The journey begins with a simple hayride, and then the madness begins. Your challenge: while you are winding your way through the maze, find all eight wooden animals hidden throughout.

Coleman’s Corn Maze

City: Saline
Address: 12758 Jordan Rd
Description: Coleman’s 17-acre cornfield boasts three professionally designed mazes spanning more than five miles of trails. This year’s maze design should be really exciting, as it’s inspired by a Halloween theme. During the maze, be sure to play Farm Scene Investigation, using your smart phone to uncover clues about the animals in the game.

Alber Orchard and Cider Mill

City: Manchester
Address: 13011 Bethel Church Rd
Description: Veterans are invited to attend this year’s 7-acre corn maze for free. All they must do is bring a proof of service. There are several maze games to play as you weave your way through this tall, green labyrinth.

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