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8 New Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Bean Sprouts
Now that the big Easter weekend is over and with our bellies full of comfort food and chocolate, lets set ourselves up for a healthy and active spring season. The easiest way to feel your best is to eat foods that help your body stay healthy and fight off all types of disease and illness. Here are eight fresh cancer-fighting, age-defying, energy-boosting ingredients to begin adding to your meal plan now:


– Jicama

– Chia

– Sprouts

– Black Garlic

– Kelp

– Nutritional Yeast

– Barley

No, these ingredients don’t sound like the most appetizing items you could buy on your next grocery trip, but their nutritional value is through the roof and their flavors aren’t as terrible as they may sound. Here are some recipes and meal ideas to help you integrate these superfoods into your diet and hopefully make them a permanent staple in your kitchen!

Bon Appetit!

Photo Credit: Charles Haynes

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