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8 Home Decorating Tips for Fall

Embrace the changing seasons by decorating for fall. Even though the summer flowers are fading and the temperatures are turning cooler, you can still enjoy beauty around your home. Here are eight tips for decorating your manufactured home inside and out this fall.

Etched Pumpkins

Etching a pumpkin is cleaner and faster than carving it. While it won’t light up at night, it does create a welcoming addition to the front porch. Etch your house number into the skin, or use stencils to etch any beautiful design. Put the pumpkin on your front step along with a collection of uncarved gourds, pumpkins and squash.

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Turn a pumpkin into a vase for flowers or a stand for a plate of cookies. Just cut off the top to make it even before pulling out the shell. If you’re putting flowers inside, then a jar can be used to hold the water and contain the stems.

Beautiful Mums

Mums are affordable, and they bloom throughout the fall. Buy potted mums to line your front steps or grace your table as a centerpiece.

Pumpkin Topiaries

Stack pumpkins on top of one another by removing the stems of lower pumpkins. Put greenery in between them or fall leaves.

Pick Up Corn Husks

Available at farmer’s markets and even the grocery stores, dried corn in colors like burgundy and orange are a great way to improve the décor in your manufactured home community. They can be strung across a fence like garland, hung on the front door or draped over the mailboxes.

Take a Hike

Take a hike through the woods and collect items along the way. Gather fallen leaves, pine cones, interesting twigs and other items to make your own centerpiece. Attach them to florists foam for a wreath, clever topiary or tale centerpiece.

Smart Use of Brooms

Get a small broom and dress it up with seasonable flowers like dried hydrangeas, rose hips and sorghum. Add a fall ribbon and a few leaves to complete the look before hanging it on your front door.

Light the Candles

A simple grouping of fall colored candles can make a stunning centerpiece on any table. Light them right before dinner or when company is coming to create the perfect atmosphere. They can be used in any room from the dining area to the front step to help decorate your manufactured home.

Dress up any area and embrace the look of fall with these easy decorating tips. Pumpkins, mums and leaves are natural décor for the season, and you can take it to the next level with the smart use of brooms, corn husks and your own imagination. Don’t neglect your fall décor. Make sure that you’re ready for the season with these decorating tips.

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