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8 Crazy Facts About Our Presidents

Happy Presidents Day! Observed the third Monday every February, Presidents Day celebrates George Washington’s birthday. In recognition of the holiday, federal and state offices are closed, including post offices. This means no mail will be delivered to your manufactured home today. In honor of Presidents Day, here are 8 crazy facts about our former presidents!

1) Height Matters

Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson are the tallest presidents in history at 6-foot-4 (193 cm). 20 presidents have cleared 6-feet, including Barack Obama. The shortest president of all time? James Madison, standing at just 5-foot-4.

2) Power Hungry

While James Madison never weighed more than 100 pounds, William Howard Taft had just the opposite problem. Weighing 325 pounds, Taft would get stuck in the White House bathtub and need advisors to help pull him out.

3) Like Father Like Son

There have been two father-son combinations in the Oval Office: John and Quincy Adams; George H.W. and George W. Bush. There was also a grandfather-grandson combination of Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison.

4) First Pet

There’s been a long history of pets in the White House. The Obama family has two dogs: Bo and Sunny. Both are Portuguese Water Dogs. Here’s something cool: Sunny, the youngest dog, is from Michigan! The little girl was born June 2012.

5) Make it a Double

Abraham Lincoln was also a licensed bartender; the only president in history to hold that distinction. He was co-owner of the pub ‘Berry and Lincoln’ in Springfield, IL. Despite his ‘other’ occupation, Lincoln preferred not to drink.

6) Head of State

Ohio and New York have produced the most presidents, tallying seven each. Gerald Ford, raised in Grand Rapids, is the only president with a connection to Michigan. Mitt Romney, runner-up in 2012, would have been the second president with ties to Michigan. He was born in Detroit.

7) Older the Wiser

Ronald Reagan was the oldest president in history, taking office when he was 69. The youngest president was Theodore Roosevelt, assuming office at 42. You have to be 35 years old to become president.

8) One and Done

Of the 44 presidents, only 10 have not been elected to a second term. This includes three of the last seven presidents: Ford, Carter and George H.W. Bush.

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