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7 tricks to make your home feel bigger

Whether you live in a manufactured home or a mansion, sometimes it seems there’s never enough space. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize space and reduce clutter in your home. These tricks will not only help you stay organized, but they will also make your home look bigger!

1) Dual-Purpose Coffee Table: If you’re a coffee table person, find an option that doubles as a storage unit. A coffee table is a great place to store remote controls, magazines, coasters and more. This will remove clutter in your living room while helping you stay organized.

2) Keep it Light: Paint your home with light, calming colors to creates the illusion of more space. Light colors reflect and multiply light, while dark colors absorb light, making space appear smaller.

3) Upgrade Your Lighting: Sometimes light fixtures just aren’t enough. Eliminate dark shadows by using supplemental lighting elements such as lamps. The additional light will “open up” your home and create the illusion of more space.

4) Table it: Your dining table likely consumes a massive chunk of your kitchen. You can open up this space by using a foldable dining table. When you’re done eating, simply fold up your table and stick it in the closet.

5) Utilize Height: Have you ever seen one of those cramped urban apartments? Despite their extremely small size, occupants are able to live comfortably because they utilize every inch of their apartment. While you don’t have to take it to the same extreme as these NYC city slickers, you can draw inspiration from the various space-preserving tactics they use.

6) Go Big or Go Home: Instead of decorating your home with several small pieces of furniture, use one big piece. Displaying one prominent piece of furniture will create a more open environment because there will be fewer objects vying for your attention.

7) Sell Your Stuff: If the junk in your home is bursting through the seams, it might be time to start unloading some of your stuff. A couple weeks ago, we blogged about some great sites through which you can sell your unwanted and unneeded possessions, such as clothes, electronics and toys. If you can’t find any takers, try donating. There’s probably someone out there who will value your old possessions more than you.

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