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7 Things You Don’t Need Anymore

New Phone
There has been a lot of progress and technological breakthroughs over the past few years. With rapid changes like these, a lot of past items we were dying to own are now becoming a less important piece of our lives or just obsolete in general.

TV’s are no longer a necessity in the household, now that TV shows can be streamed via smart phone or computer. Over the  past couple years the dire need to own a TV has gone down and has been replaced by computers, which are basically used as televisions now anyways!

Telephone landline
Those that still have a landline keep it for the ‘peace of mind’ factor or making international calls. Other than those two reasons, landlines tend to be a pain with 95% of the calls being telemarketers.

DVD player
With HD TV, tons of movie channels for low prices and Netflix/Hulu plus, who really needs a DVD player?

Physical music collection and dedicated player
The reasoning behind this only needs two words: MP3 player. New vehicles are being built with auxiliary ports, which means that CDs are no longer necessary to listen to your favorite tunes.

Cable or satellite TV
Similar to the DVD player argument; what you like to watch is available through many other options, all of which are cheaper than what you would be paying for cable or satellite.

Desktop computer
In a society quickly growing to become as mobile as possible, desktops are really the paperweights of technology. They aren’t going anywhere. So when your home desktop finally dies, consider going mobile, you won’t regret it.

We aren’t saying you don’t need email; it is still a very efficient way to communicate. But when it comes to fast paced responses or emergencies, your best bet of getting a hold of someone would be through texting or social channels.

So instead of holding onto the past, move forward by slowly using these items less and eventually getting rid of these things. Let’s face it, you just don’t really need them anymore!

Photo Credit: Billy Brown

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