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7 Simple Ways to Allergy-proof Your Manufactured Home

Dealing with allergies is a constant struggle. Sneezing, coughing and itching become as routine as breathing, eating and sleeping (which isn’t always so easy to achieve). Pollens, dust particles and other allergens linger in every nook and cranny, invisible to the eye but hard on the body.

While seeing an allergist (and learning what you’re allergic to) is the best way to treat your symptoms, you can help yourself by creating an allergy-friendly home environment. Here are 7 ways to allergy-proof your manufactured home:

1) Vacuum Frequently: Some say that hardwood floors are more allergy-friendly than carpet, but as long as you vacuum daily, it doesn’t really matter. Carpet is like a mousetrap for allergens; if you don’t vacuum, those little dust particles are just going to add up and make your allergies unbearable.

2) Close Windows: Limit your exposure to outside allergens by keeping windows shut. We know this can be tough to justify during the warmer months, but incidentally these are the months when allergy season is at its peak. Don’t let pollen infiltrate your home – rely on air conditioning.

3) Remove Clutter: Remove items that serve no purpose other than collecting dust in the corner. These include books, magazines, newspaper articles and even shelves. If you have allergies, dust probably isn’t helping. Plus, why would you want a home full of clutter? It looks bad and attracts critters.

4) Pets: If you have allergies, it’s probably best for you to avoid pets altogether. But if that ship has sailed, keep your pets out of your bedroom. Dogs and cats carry all types of insidious allergens in their fur, which they drag across your home. Keep your bedroom pet-free so it can be a safe haven from allergies.

5) Window Treatments: Consider using cotton or synthetic curtains that you can wash frequently. Most blinds collect dust and need to be wiped down almost daily.

6) Mattress Cover: Prevent dust from penetrating your mattress by using a zip-on dust mite cover. This will help you sleep better and avoid those middle-of-the-night allergy attacks that startle everyone in your home – most of all you.

7) Floor Mats: Place floor mats inside and outside all entry points of your home. These will serve as a barrier to outside allergens, preventing many of them from creeping in and spreading around.

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