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7 Party Decoration Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

They say that presentation is everything, and this is certainly true when it comes to hosting a party. While you want to have great food and awesome music, you also need to spend a little time creating the right ambiance and setting the mood. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween bash or planning a little summer gathering for the Fourth of July, here are a few decorating ideas to get your house ready for the event.

The Right Presentation for Drinks

You could leave cold sodas in a simple ice chest, but there’s a much more stylish way to keep your guests hydrated. Pick up a large metal or plastic bucket that you can fill with ice and drinks. Prop a banner over the drinks by using two dowels nestled in the ice. If you’re worried about water getting on the floor or counter of your manufactured home, then set the bucket on a decorative towel or dish mat.

If you’re going to offer drinks that need ice, then invest in a quality ice bucket with tongs. Leave it next to the drinks, and keep it filled throughout the night. It’s also a good idea to keep a large pitcher of ice water available for guests who don’t want to drink anything too heavy.

Hang a Menu

Chalkboard paint is available at most home improvement stores, and you can use it to make up a fun menu. Use tape to protect the borders of a large piece of posterboard, and then paint the center with the black chalkboard paint. Write out the menu for the evening and hang it in a prominent place like the foyer. It will help set the right tone from the moment your guests walk through the door. If you entertain regularly, then you can also buy an old chalkboard at a flea market. Dress it up with a fancy frame, and hang it in a regular place in the home. Use it throughout the year as a message board, but then put a menu on it for parties to start transforming the space.

Light it Up

Whether you have overhead lights in your manufactured home or just table lamps, you need to add the right lighting for your party. Pick up holiday lights that you can string around a room or drape on the patio umbrella. Send the light even further by putting it on mirrors and around picture frames. If you have indoor trees and large plants, you can also add lights to the plants to illuminate corners and make the entire space feel more festive.

Carry the Theme Throughout the Home

Remember to decorate all areas of the home that will be open to guests, including the restroom. You can quickly transform your powder room by putting out a few themed hand towels. Add a few decorative items to the counter, and light some scented candles to help set the tone. If the kids will have access to a specific room for watching movies during the party, then take the time to decorate that space. All rooms that are not open to guests should be closed and left with the lights off.

Have an Outdoor Space

You may have guests who want to go outside for the fresh air and space. Set up a tent outside for shelter and decorate the area with lights and themed items. Include a few seats and small tables for people to sit down and relax while they are out there. It’s a chance for them to enjoy the evening weather, take in the fresh air and just get away from the noise of the party. If the weather is nice and you expect the patio to be busy throughout the evening, then include another drink station and food table in this space. Use special tented covers to protect the food from bugs and add to the décor.

Bring in the Flowers

Whether you are going for a creepy theme in October or something more festive or the spring, plan on bringing in seasonal flowers. Short stems set in whimsical cups and bowls add a fun touch to any party. If you are planning a more elegant affair, choose longer stems with beautiful vases. In addition to putting flowers on the table, include a sprinkling of flowers with the food table, in the foyer and even in the powder room. They add visual interest and help you create the right atmosphere. Choose casual or more elegant flowers based on your theme, and you’ll be amazed at how they help transform your home.

Break Out the China Platters

Even if you are going to eat off paper plates during a casual party, you still want your food presentation to look incredible. This is the time to have fun showing off your different platters, china plates and glass serving bowls. While your guests may be happy to dine off a buffet or just eat the finger foods you set out, taking the time to put them on elegant platters will make your party more impressive. It’s an easy way to make your manufactured home more impressive during the gathering, and your guests will notice the extra effort you put into the presentation.

Whether you are planning an elegant gathering for a small group or a big party for a special event, these tips will help you decorate and set up your home. Presentation is everything, and you’ll make a great impression when you take the time to create attractive displays for your drinks and food. Use fresh flowers from the garden or local florist to decorate throughout the home, and remember to set up an outdoor gathering space. Hang up a menu, and illuminate dark corners with soft twinkling lights to help set the perfect mood for your party.

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