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7 Easy Ways to Eat Less This Year

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Most of us made the resolution to lose weight and get fit this year. Besides making the right choices when grocery shopping and heading to the gym, cutting down on calories and eating less all together should be a driving factor in your new diet. Here are 7 simple and easy ways to eat less this year without making major sacrifices.

1) Grin yourself thin

Do more things that make you smile and feel good. When you are happy, your brain releases serotonin — the “happy hormone” — which actually reduces your appetite. With higher levels of the hormone, it makes you more likely to burn fat as well!
2) Crack some nuts

Nuts are packed full of good fat and you should definitely be adding them into your everyday diet, but beware of overeating. The fat and calories can easily add up, so you need to watch your portions. Buying and eating nuts in the shell is the best route, by having to crack the nuts, you spend less time eating and end up eating less without even realizing it.

3) Use your less dominant hand

Eating with your less dominant hand makes you more mindful of what you are eating and you will end up consuming less. This also works with chopsticks if you aren’t a professional, you will end up eating slower and feeling full faster.

4) Use a size guide plate

If you can never remember proper portion sizes maybe you should use a “cheat sheet” size guiding plate from theportionplate.com. This plate has sections for the foods you need in your diet and includes pictures of correct portion sizes.

5) Switch out your meat for bison

Opt to grill up some buffalo steak every once in a while. This meat is high in protein and very lean but will keep you satisfied throughout your evening and will hopefully keep you from eating that dessert!

6) Be an early bird

Late risers eat more calories and also eat more unhealthily according to a Northwestern University study.

7) Eat with a woman

Men consume 37% less when they eat with a wife or a girlfriend rather than when they go out dining with their buddies according to research done at State University of New York.

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Source: MSN.com

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