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7 Best Holiday Gifts for Kids in 2014

Whether you’re looking for a simple stocking-stuffer or a winning “headline” gift, look no further than these seven options:

Make Your Own Monster Puppet

Estimated Cost: $20

Why buy a pre-made puppet when you can create your very own? Featuring 30 different plush pieces such as eyes, ears and horns, the “Make Your Own Puppet Monster” kit has hundreds of possibilities. And the best part? Since the pieces are equipped with velcro, they can easily be attached and removed when your child wants to give the puppet a fresh new look.


Kidizoom Smartwatch

Estimated Cost: $60

Smartwatches are all the rage when it comes to adults, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t get in on the fun! The stylish Kidizoom Smartwatches will make your child feel like a grownup with its cool features, like taking photos and videos! Available in a variety of colors, it’s sure to keep your child engaged and thoroughly entertained.


Personalized Children’s Books

Estimated Cost: $20-$50

What excitement your child will experience when he or she hears their name in a story! Personalized books are a great way to encourage reading and create lasting memories. There are endless themes from which to choose. Several websites and retailers make personalized books – here is one of our favorites!



Estimated Cost: $15

Playing with anagrams is a great way for kids to expand their vocabulary, learn new words and increase their problem-solving skills. Banagrams will help you child with all of those things, while providing great fun! One of the best parts of this portable game is that it can be played everywhere from the car to the bedroom.



Estimated Cost: $30

Your kid will light up like the night sky when he or she sees this gift! Shaped like an edible gummy bear, the lamp turns on and off when you squeeze its belly. Available in a wide variety of colors, including red, orange, pink and blue, it’s a cute and cuddly decoration your kid will be excited to welcome into his or her room.


Hasbro Simon Swipe Game

Estimated Cost: $15

It’s the popular game “Simon Says” with an exciting and colorful twist! Featuring 16 levels, this memorization-type game starts off easy but gets more and more difficult with each passing level. It will challenge and ultimately strengthen your child’s memory in a fun way. You can play the game by yourself or challenge a friend.


Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Playset

Estimated Cost: $40

Your child will feel like a real city planner with the Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Playset. Over three feet tall (but weighing just two pounds), this towering city skyway is packed with exciting experiences and endless possibilities. Children can race down roads and ramps with the two included cars, or enjoy other features associated with the playset.

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