7 Awesome Manufactured Home Christmas Decorations

Happy Holidays! Here are 7 fun and practical ways to get your manufactured home festive for the holiday season without taking up too much space.

Spruce Up Your Doors

Line your exterior door with evergreen garland and intertwine it with bright red ribbon. A wreath with a red bow would also add to the look and give the entrance to your home a great pop of color! Line doors and door-openings indoors with garland as well, but throw in a little extra glamour by hanging glittery ornaments and bulbs to it.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

Christmas lights, no matter the color or style, are a staple for any Christmas decorating. Try lining the outside of your manufactured home with icicle lights for a trendy look, or use larger light-bulb strings to give a more vintage, soft glow. Obviously lights can be used indoors as well, whether strung up on walls, lining doorways, or wrapped around pillars.

Swap Out the Regular for the Festive

Change your entrance doormat to a brightly colored Christmas one. Replace your usual chair/couch pillows for holiday themed ones, and swap out your usual shelf decorations for Christmas knick-knacks.

Make Use of Your Ceiling

The ceiling is an excellent place to decorate in a manufactured home. Affix sparkling snowflakes to the ceiling, or hang shiny bulbs from fishing line in areas where you and your guests won’t hit their heads. This will looks especially glamorous if your ceiling edges are lined with lights!

Put “Presents” Everywhere

Another trademark look in Christmas décor is, of course, presents. Try wrapping the surface of your coffee table with gold or silver wrapping paper. Wrap a coordinating bow around it to give the table-top the look of a present. Don’t have presents under the tree yet? Wrap empty boxes and place them under the tree to give a more complete look.

Showcase the Dining Area

The easiest way to decorate the kitchen/dining area is to put down a festive tablecloth and make or buy a magnificent centerpiece for the table. This can be anything from a glass vase filled with bulbs and garland, to an elaborate bowl of cinnamon sticks, flowers and dried orange slices. Drape wide ribbons on the back of dining room chairs and hang bulbs from the ribbon. Mini wreaths or ornaments hanging from cupboards and shelves is another way to make over your dining area for Christmas!

Utilize Your Walls

Use decorative plates and hang them on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. The plates don’t even have to be holiday themed, so long as they contrast with the wall-color. Hang a wreath made of Christmas bulbs and ornaments on the wall to give a nice shimmer in your living space.

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