6 ways to give your home curbside appeal

They say real beauty is on the inside. But a little outside beauty doesn’t hurt either, especially when it comes to homes. While it’s nice to maintain an aesthetically pleasing interior, it’s equally as important to have a beautiful outside. In addition to contributing to a more pleasant neighborhood, curbside appeal can actually help increase the value of your home.

Here are 6 ways to give your manufactured home more curbside appeal

Plant a Garden: A well-maintained garden will make your home pop. Plant several patches of colorful flowers and maybe even a couple of bushes to give your garden a vibrant look. Plus, be sure to mow your lawn regularly, remove damaging weeds, and trim unsightly branches and leaves off trees.

Patio Furniture: Placing a cozy bench on your patio or sidewalk will give your home a heavy dose of small-town charm. Plus, it will make you seem like a friendly and approachable neighbor, and contribute nicely to your neighborhood’s overall visual appeal.

Outdoor Lighting: Install some low-voltage landscape lighting near your sidewalk or patio. This will not only make your home feel more safe and secure, but the lights will create a charming path for your family and guests.

Symmetry Sells: Symmetry has mass visual appeal. Install light fixtures, ceramic plant pots, and other adornments on each side of your home. Use a ruler or measuring stick for exact precision.

Keep it Clean: Every other season, take some time to clean or even power wash the outside of your home. This will help eliminate dust, mold, mildew and other bacteria that accumulate on your home, making it appear dark and dirty.

Hit Refresh: Replace your outdated mailbox, address numbers, and possibly even your front door with more modern versions of each. Replace with options that are more thematically relevant, matching the style and personality that shine through inside your home.

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