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6 Surprising Benefits of Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Chances are you’ve heard this saying – and for good reason! From providing nutrition to giving us energy, breakfast provides a whole bounty of benefits. Here are some of the reasons eating a healthy breakfast is so important.

1) Energy Kick: A healthy and hearty breakfast gives you the “juice” you need to power through the day. Food converts into fuel, which leads to more productivity at work, the gym or anywhere else. If you like to exercise in the morning, eat a light breakfast for a helpful energy boost.

2) Metabolism: Studies show a nutritious breakfast stimulates your metabolism and keeps it running all day long. Having a high metabolism is the key to preventing obesity and enjoying strong overall health.

3) Control Hunger: Eating a hearty breakfast in the morning can help you prevent strong surges of hunger throughout the day. This type of hunger can lead to binge eating, which can lead to weight gain, heart disease and other health issues.

4) Weight Loss: It might sound counter-intuitive, but eating a big breakfast can actually help you prevent weight loss. Think about it: when you eat a big meal in the morning, you have the entire day to burn off the excess calories. When you eat a big meal for dinner, you may only have a few hours. As long as the meal is balanced and nutritious, breakfast can be very beneficial to your overall health.

5) Heart Health: Eating a filling breakfast that includes low fat dairy, high fiber cereals, fruits, vegetables, and vegetable oils reduces your hunger during the day. This will result in fewer urges to consume fatty snacks like chips and candy that have been linked to heart disease.

6) It’s delicious: There’s no better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast. Satisfying your taste buds and filling your stomach will put you in a better mood and get you ready to conquer the day.

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