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6 Shockingly Easy Ways to Burn Calories

Most people associate burning calories with long runs and vigorous workouts. But the truth is, we’re burning calories all the time. In fact, you might be burning calories right now! You don’t have to work yourself into a lather to torch excess fat. While exercise is important, here are some easy ways to burn calories without hitting the gym:

Just Dance

Dancing is a fun and effective way at burning calories. From the “Macarena” to the “Hustle,” there are plenty of dance moves out there. So grab your friends, let the speakers bump, and cut up a rug!

Clean the House

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Giving your home a much-needed cleaning can have generous effects on your health. All of the bending, reaching, twisting and scrubbing will keep you on your feet, and keep the calories dripping out of you.

Hit the Market

Believe it or not, shopping can be a calorie-crusher, too. That’s right, one of everyone’s favorite leisure activities can be good for your body. Whether you’re shopping for groceries or shoes, simply being on your feet and moving around is conducive to weight loss. It’s even better if you’re lugging around a cart full of healthy groceries!

Chew Gum

One of the easiest ways to chew away calories is by chewing gum, as it engages the muscles around your mouth. As a bonus, gum can also help you suppress your appetite, making it a good option when your stomach is clamoring for a mid-day snack.


Why did the rooster cross the road? Because he wanted to impress the chicks! OK, that was a lame joke. But this isn’t: just by laughing, you can burn around 200 calories in an hour! Who needs the gym membership when you can just get a joke book?

Walk Fast

Remember that time you were late for a meeting? Walk like that! Walking quickly elevates your heart rate, increasing the rate at which you burn calories.

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