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6 Important Steps to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

If the snow on your lawn hasn’t melted yet, don’t fret! With temperatures poised to reach the 50s this week, it’s only a matter of time. Indeed, this long, frigid winter is finally fading, giving way to what promises to be a sunny and delightful spring.

With the arrival of spring comes the rebirth of beautiful plants, vibrant flowers and lush grass. While the sun and rain will help bring your lawn along, Mother Nature can’t do it alone. Here are 6 steps you can take to prepare your lawn for spring.


Your lawn might look battered and bruised after this rough winter, but removing all twigs, stones and leaves and will make it look better instantly. Removing debris will ensure sun and water is able to permeate your lawn and foster beautiful growth.


Dethatching your lawn means removing dead vegetation such as roots and grass. This is most easily done with a garden or thatching rake. You will want to replace these voids in your lawn at a later time.


An often overlooked part of the preparation process, aerating the lawn involves poking holes in the earth. This allows water, nutrients, seeds and air to penetrate the soil. You can do this process manually or you can rent an aerator, which is a machine with sharp rotating prongs.


With the spring growth spurt still some time away, now’s the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. The type of fertilizer you should use depends on several factors. Visit your local hardware or garden store and ask an expert.

Apply Grass Seed

Apply grass seed to your lawn, particularly to areas you dethatched. Mix the grass seed with healthy soil and spread it over the surface. There are multiple types of grass seed. Ask your hardware or garden store expert which type of grass seed is right for you.

Add Water

Water your lawn thoroughly, particularly in areas where you have applied new grass seed. This will allow your lawn to grow fast and healthy.

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