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6 Household Cures for a Stomachache

An upset stomach is an ailment everybody experiences from time to time. Whenever we eat too much, eat too fast, or eat something that doesn’t agree with us, our stomach is quick to let us know – and make us pay! While a grumbling tummy isn’t fun, it’s relatively easy to fix. And you know the best part? In most cases, there’s already a remedy somewhere in your manufactured home.

Here are 6 around-the-house remedies for an upset stomach:

Burnt Toast

It’s not the most appetizing breakfast choice, but burnt toast can help settle your stomach. You don’t have to burn the toast into an all-black square; just enough so it’s charred. The char of the toast absorbs toxins causing your illness.


Fiber-rich fruits such as pears, apples and prunes will kick-start your digestive system and flush out toxins lingering in your stomach. Besides fruit, other fiber-rich foods include almonds, rye bread and beans.


When you have an upset stomach, the last thing you want to do is eat. If you can’t bear the thought of food, heat might be a good alternative. Apply a heating pad to your stomach. If you don’t have a heating bad, use a warm water bottle.


Like fiber-rich foods, cinnamon stimulates the digestive system. Sprinkle half a teaspoon of this delicious spice into your tea for a soothing and effective cure.


If you have stomach cramps or indigestion, mint might be the perfect remedy. Slowly drink a cup of mint tea and let this mystical herb soothe your sore stomach. For best results, drink the tea on an empty stomach.


You know that burning sensation you feel when you have an empty stomach? Those are most likely stomach acids, telling you that it’s time to eat. If it’s not time quite time for your next meal, munch on some crackers to appease your grumbling tummy.

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