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6 Holiday Meal Ideas

‘Tis the season for great food and great times in your manufactured home now that the holidays are here and family is starting to gather for delicious and memorable meals. Whether you plan on keeping the party contained to your friends in your local manufactured home community or want to branch out to include others from the rest of your social network, a good menu with quality ingredients is sure to bring goodwill and joy to those who eat your food. Below is a list of six holiday meal tips that are sure to leave you and your guests stuffed during the holidays.

1. Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

It is hard to beat this classic meal and there have not been many cooks who have successfully accomplished the feat. A moist and plump turkey topped with a rich gravy is the food that many think of once the leaves start to turn colors in your manufactured home community. Mashed potatoes, chest nut stuffing and cranberry sauce round out a power house menu that is a hit at any time during the holidays. If you have any room left in your stomach following these traditional staples, a pumpkin pie infused with nutmeg and cinnamon is a great closing note to a fabulous meal.

2. Don’t Forget the Egg Nog and Wassel

The holidays are the only time of year when you normally get to sample these delicious and sometimes adult oriented beverages. When you sit down for your big meals, make sure that you offer your guests the creamy and sweet taste of egg nog or the fruity and spicy notes that wassel have to offer. If you are feeling really festive, you can have both the cold drink and warm drink with the same meal!

3. Ham and Potatoes

The holidays are a great time of year to have a delicious honeybaked ham with all of the fixings. Mashed potatoes or au gratin potatoes taste great with a pineapple glazed ham and will help you survive the cold and the nasty weather that normally comes with the low temperatures.

4. Lobster for the Seafood Lover

Now is the time to indulge your desire for the finer things in life and this should include lobster. Whether it is smothered in butter or drizzled with lemon juice, lobster is a delicious addition to any holiday spread.

5. Fruitcakes and Other Great Deserts

The holidays are tough on the waist due to the great deserts and candies that come when the weather changes. In addition to the pumpkin pie discussed above, gingerbread, fruit cake, fudge and peppermint bark are a great treat this time of year.

6. Pizza for the Kids

While the holidays provide adults a chance to expand their taste buds, children and some adults will enjoy a delicious pizza simply because it is pizza! Add your toppings and place it in the oven for a great meal.

The holidays offer great food and the above tips can make it even better!

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