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6 Fresh and Romantic Date Ideas

Keeping “date night” from getting stale can be a complicated venture, especially during winters in Michigan when your options are typically limited to warm environments. Not to worry, though! There are still plenty of ways to spruce up date night, even in the cold. Here are six exciting and romantic date night ideas:

Go Ice Skating:

There’s something romantic about the sound of skates scraping against ice, don’t you think? Ice-skating is innocent fun and a great way to be active with your date. Hold hands and skate a few laps around the rink. When you start to feel tired, grab a seat and warm up with a steaming cup of hot cocoa. If you live in the Detroit area, check out the beautiful skating rink at Campus Martius.

Wine and Puzzle:

Sometimes the best date is the one spent at home. Grab a jigsaw puzzle and bottle of wine from your favorite store. When you get home, uncork the wine and get to work on the puzzle! Whether you solve it or not, you’ll have a great and relaxing time!

Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a growingly popular date night activity. Immerse yourself in your favorite cuisine, get cooking instructions from trained chefs, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with an inspired, handcrafted dinner. It’s a great bonding experience for you and your companion – and the lessons learned can pay off time and time again.

See an Improv Show

If you love to laugh, check out an improv comedy show! Unlike standup comedy, which is rehearsed and scripted, improv comedy is spontaneous. There are improv theaters across Michigan, including Go Comedy! Improv Theater in Ferndale. Who knows, maybe you’ll spot the next Chris Rock or Tina Fey!


It doesn’t matter if you sing like Billy Joel or William Hung (he of dubious American Idol fame), Karaoke is always a fun date night idea. Pick your favorite song, hit the stage and sing a duet. The playful awkwardness is funny and oddly intimate as you find yourself blasting vocals in front of complete strangers.

Get a Taste of a New Town

Break the usual date night mold and see what other local cities have to offer. From Ann Arbor and Plymouth, to Grand Blanc and Rochester Hills, Michigan has several cities worth visiting. Go to Yelp.com to check out recommended restaurants and other hotspots, and to plan your mini adventure. With gas prices being so cheap, there’s no better time to hop in the car and go exploring!

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