6 Free Apps that Help Around the Home

6 Free Apps that Help Around the Home

Turns out, smartphones are good for more than just playing games, snapping photos and keeping up with friends on Facebook. They can also help you in the office (calendars), on the road (voice navigation) and even around the house. With so much going on in our lives, keeping the house in order can be a challenge. Here are 6 FREE mobile apps that can make your life easier to manage.

Food Network in the Kitchen

Available on: iPhone and Android
Looking to spice things up in the kitchen? Food Network in the Kitchen is your guide to cooking to the perfect home-cooked meal. With this app, you “get instant access to your favorite Food Network chefs and thousands of their most popular recipes.” With over 45,000 recipes in the database, your menu is pretty much endless.


Available on: iPhone and Android
Keeping up with your kids’ busy schedules can be a full time job, but it was a lot harder before smartphones were introduced. Cozi is an award-winning app that helps you “calm the chaos of family life.” Cozi includes a shared color-coded calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and more. Managing your children’s schedules has never been easier.

Nightstand Central

Available on: iPhone
If the pre-programmed alarm clock on your smartphone isn’t bringing joy to your mornings, perhaps this app will. “With music alarms, a built-in sleep timer, weather info, customizable photo backgrounds, and even an included shake-on/shake-off flashlight, Nightstand Central turns your device into the ultimate bedside hub.

Chore Master

Available on: Android
Between vacuuming, cleaning, changing the sheets and putting away the laundry, homeowners have a lot on their plate. Chore Master is an innovative app that helps you manage your chores and be more efficient with your time. This app can also help you track your homework, gym workouts and more.


Available on: iPhone and Android
There are several flashlight apps on the market that turn the camera lens on your smartphone into a radiant light. While this app isn’t as effective as, say, a normal battery-charged flashlight, it can be very helpful when navigating a dark room.


Available on: iPhone and Android
From credit card payments to utility bills, Manilla helps you stay on top of your finances so you never miss a payment. Simply store your credit cards on the secure app and you’ll receive a notification when it’s time to make a payment. You can even make payments directly through the app. It couldn’t be easier!

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