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6 Easy Ways to Protect the Earth

Happy Earth Day! From America to Zimbabwe, Earth Day is celebrated around the world and used as a platform to promote environmental protection. With extreme weather becoming more and more common, we all need to pitch in and take better care of our planet. Here are 6 ways you can step up and make a difference this Earth Day and beyond.

Clean a Park

Gather friends and family and head to a local park for some volunteer cleaning duty. Cleaning the park will not only reduce pollution in your community, but also create a more sanitary environment for children and other park-goers. Don’t forget to bring trash bags and disposable gloves.

Reduce Water Use

While many American take for granted their access to water, others around the world don’t have that luxury. Sadly, some people have to walk miles just for a few life-preserving sips of clean water. If everyone reduced their water usage by just a drops, we could better conserve our precious and dwindling resources.


Recycling is the best way to sustain our planet’s precious natural resources and keep needless stuff out of landfills. Last month, we provided a quick guide to recycling in our blog. You might be surprised by what you can recycle! Check it out if you need a quick refresher.

Car Pool

We’ve all got places to go and people to see. Most of the time, this requires the use of motor vehicles. While cars are necessary, we can reduce the number of cars on the road at a given time by carpooling. Next time you’re at work, try organizing a carpool program. Just imagine if everyone carpooled! Less traffic, less gas, and less of an environmental impact.

Give it Away

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Don’t discard items that could possibly benefit others, particularly clothes, toys and household items. Before throwing anything out, stop by a charitable organization and see if you can donate it. This will make a difference in the lives of others and keep unnecessary trash out of landfills.

Water in the Morning

Earlier this month we gave you some important tips for watering your lawn. One of those tips was to water early in the morning, when the water won’t instantly evaporate in the hot sun. The blog contains several other tips that will help you conserve water and keep your lawn lush.

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