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6 Benefits of Living in a One-Story Home

Here are 6 reasons it’s beneficial to live in a single-story manufactured home for sale.

Energy Efficient

It’s easier and cheaper to heat or cool a home with only one story. Air circulates much more fluidly in single-story homes, meaning it’s easier to control the climate. Also, you’ll encounter fewer technical problems. This means lower utility bills and fewer costly repairs!


Stairs are one of the main causes of domestic injuries. When you live in a home without stairs, your risk of sustaining a serious injury is much smaller. Also, if there’s an emergency in your home, you can evacuate more quickly in a single-story home.


Two-story homes don’t automatically have more space than one-story homes. Staircases are clunky and cumbersome, which severely limit the amount of “living space” you have. While your home might be smaller in terms of square feet, you’re able to use the space you do have much more efficiently in a one-story home.

Handicap Accessible

If you sustain a lower body injury that requires a cast or crutches, it’s going to be hard to make it up the stairs. It’s beneficial to have everything on one floor so half of your home isn’t inaccessible.


When you live in a one-story house, it’s easier to monitor your children and keep them safe. Also, cleaning after a mess (and organizing your home) isn’t quite so laborious and time-consuming.

Visual Appeal

This, of course, is a matter of personal taste, but single-story homes often have more visual appeal than their multi-story counterparts. Single story homes also tend to have a little more character.

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