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6 Back to School Tips for Parents

The new school year is almost underway! This means big changes not only for kids, but for parents, too. Here are 6 tips for ensuring your child starts the new school year on the right foot, setting the tone for a healthy and successful school year.

Put Children to Bed Early

The first day of school brings about quite a few changes for students. New teachers, new classrooms, maybe even a new school! It’s important that your child is awake and engaged the first day so he or she can absorb everything. This starts with getting a good night’s sleep.

Prepare a Healthy Lunch

Providing a well-balanced lunch is key for your child’s health in the classroom. Hungry kids struggle to concentrate, while kids who consume too much sugar are prone to crashing. Pack a well-balanced lunch with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Avoid pre-packaged lunches, fatty chips, processed lunch meats, fruit snacks and other unhealthy foods.

Communicate with Teachers

By now, you should probably know your child’s teacher for the school year. Whether by phone or in person, it’s a nice gesture to introduce yourself and assure the teacher that you’re committed to your child’s success and behavior in the classroom. You can also volunteer to get involved in your school’s PTA. This is a great way to endear yourself to your child’s teacher as well as the school’s administration.

Have a Talk

Establish expectations with your child before the school year begins. Discuss report card goals, extracurricular activities and more. Write down your goals and revisit them every month or so to track progress. This is one of the best ways to hold children accountable and make them recognize the importance of this upcoming school year

Designate a Study Area

When you have this initial talk with your child, be sure to discuss studying expectations. Outline how many hours/minutes he or she needs to spend reading and doing homework each day before they can play. While they might resist at first, children are creatures of habit and will adapt to their new schedule. To make this transition easier, we recommend designating a study area in your house.

Figure Out Your Own Schedule

Back-to-school time is a transition for parents and children alike. It’s important to make all the necessary adjustments to your schedule so you’re there for your child in the morning, as well as after school. If you have a conflict, coordinate with your school and see if they can recommend any after-school programs.           Brought to you by Home First Certified TM

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