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6 Back to School Shopping Essentials

As the month of August inches closer, the new school year is fast approaching! For parents and their studious children, that means it’s time for back to school shopping! Hopefully you saved some of your school supplies from last year. But even if you don’t, here’s a back-to-school checklist that will ensure your academic all-star is prepared for the upcoming school year.


A good backpack can make all the difference between having a good school year and a bad one. While each student ultimately earns his grades, a good backpack certainly helps. Backpacks help you secure your notes and belongings. They should be durable enough to support your heavy books, and big enough to accommodate your notepads, pens and other in-school essentials.

Three-Ring Binder

Though slightly more expensive than your average school supply, a three-ring binger is an investment that truly pays off, especially for middle and high school students. With a binder, you can easily separate your notes from different classes. Plus, some even have room to store pens, paper clips and other office essentials.


Ideally, you should have a single notepad for every class. Doing this, versus having one comprehensive notepad, will help you stay organized and structured in all of your studies. Fortunately, notepads are quite inexpensive so getting 6 or 7 shouldn’t throw off your budget.

Pencils and Pens

You can never have enough writing utensils. They don’t last forever; plus it seems like they get lost very easily! Get a variety of pens and pencils, including No. 2 pencils for standardized test taking. Red pens can also be very useful tools for editing papers.


Highlighters are great for studying and note taking. They help you organize your thoughts and keep track of the most pertinent information in all reading materials.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are the ultimate studying tool. Whether it’s preparing for a geography test or foreign language quiz, flash cards help you memorize information so you can ace the exam. You can use them by yourself or with others. Use a pencil to write on flash cards instead of a pen so you can easily recycle them.

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