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5 Washing Machine Tips

Washing your clothes is easy with the help of a reliable washing machine. But it’s even easier when you do it right. There are several opportunities to make the laundry machine process more efficient. Exercise the following tips to get the most out of your laundry machine and keep your clothes in tip-top condition.

Decrease Size of Your Load

Considering the size of today’s laundry machines, it’s tempting to stuff all of your clothes in the machine instead of running multiple cycles. Do this at your own peril. When you cram the machine, you restrict the mobility of the clothes, hindering their ability to absorb suds and get clean. It will take more time, sure, but running two loads instead of one is the way to go.

Measure Your Detergent

Estimating the amount of detergent to use in your load is another common mistake. For maximum effectiveness, follow the directions on your container of detergent and measure accordingly. When you don’t take the time to measure your detergent usage, you decrease cleaning performance regardless of whether you use too little or too much.

Be Strategic With Your Settings

When it comes to doing your laundry, one cycle doesn’t fit all situations. While many people default to the “Regular” or “Delicate” setting, this isn’t always best move. Explore all of your settings and find the one that best matches the contents of your load. Some offer hotter water for removing stains, while others offer extra rinses for bulky items,

Add Bleach Yourself

If you have stains on your clothes, bleach is your best friend. If you don’t have a timed bleach dispenser in your laundry machine, add chlorine bleach manually for extra cleaning power. As long as it’s safe for your clothes, add bleach to your load about five minutes into the cycle.

Clean the Machine
To keep your laundry machine running effectively, set aside time every now and then to clean it. One of the easiest ways to do this is by selecting the largest load size, filling the tub with hot water and a cup of bleach, and running a new cycle. Some newer machines may even have a self-cleaning cycle.

Additionally, your machine probably has at least one dispenser for fabric softener, detergent, or both, and it needs cleaning. Remove and rinse them often, and at the end of the cycle, leave the detergent drawer open so any residual water evaporates.

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