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5 Unique Benefits of Living in Michigan

We couldn’t be prouder to live in Michigan! It’s the place we call home and we think it’s the greatest place in the world. Here are just of the uniquely awesome benefits of living in Michigan!


Some people don’t realize that Vernors Ginger Ale isn’t available just anywhere. In fact, most Americans haven’t even heard of it! Vernors is a treat that Michiganders (and very few others can enjoy). If you haven’t tried this sweet and spicy soft drink, invented way back in 1866 by a Detroit pharmacist, we highly recommend it!


Fishing in Michigan is more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. With thousands of lakes dotting the state, there are plenty of enticing fish in the sea. And anglers are on a non-stop mission to find them. From Grand River and Anchor Bay, to the mighty Great Lakes, fresh water fish are teeming throughout the state. Few other states can make that claim!

Coney Islands

Just about anywhere else, Coney Island is a beach destination in Brooklyn. In Michigan, though, it’s a steaming hot dog topped with chili, mustard and onions. We like our version of Coney Island better! Like deep-dish pizza in Chicago or seafood in New England, Coney Islands are a staple in Metro Detroit. If you’re in Southeast Michigan, chances are you’re not more than 15 minutes from a restaurant that serves them!

Sports Teams

Very few states can stake claim to four professional sports teams like we have in Michigan: Detroit Tigers (Baseball), Detroit Pistons (Basketball), Detroit Lions (Football) and Detroit Red Wings (Hockey). While each team is based in or around Detroit, the reality is that they represent all of Michigan.

Craft Beer

If you’re into the occasional beer, there’s no better place to live than Michigan! The Great Lakes State boasts some of the most renowned brewing companies in the country. From Atwater Brewing Company (Detroit), to Short’s Brewing Company (Bellaire), to Founders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids), Michigan beers are exported throughout the United States, and enjoyed right here at home.

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