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5 Tips for Transition to a New School


With the new school around the corner, some students are gearing up for a bigger change than others. For instance, those attending new schools. Whether you’ve graduated from your previous school or switched districts, starting at a new school can be a daunting endeavor. But it’s definitely easier when you follow these 5 tips:

Take a Tour

Before the craziness of your first day, drop by your new school and walk around. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings when the hallways are quiet, locating everything from the cafeteria to library. If you’ve received your schedule, plan your route from class to class. You might only have 5-7 minutes between periods, so you don’t want to miss a step. If your school is big, take directional notes to bring on your first day.

Locate Your Locker

While navigating your school for the first time, find your locker (if you’ve been assigned one). If you’re able, organize your locker in advance with your books, notepads and other school supplies. While you can always do this on the first day, wouldn’t you rather give yourself one less thing to worry about? You should do anything you can to feel as settled as possible.

Plan Your Route

Whether you’re walking, riding with parents, or carpooling with classmates, it’s important to plan your route to school in advance. Plan your route on a weekday in the morning, when traffic is similar to what you’ll encounter on a normal day during the school year. If you’re taking the bus, make sure you know where and when the bus is going to pick you up.

Meet the Faculty

Stop by your new school before the first day and introduce yourself to the administration. While teachers might not be there quite yet, secretaries and other administrators should be around. It’s good to know their names and let them know you’re new. They’ll surely extend a hand and avail themselves as a resource if you have any questions when the school year rolls around.


If you feel anxiety about your new surroundings, just remember: it’s temporary! You’ll feel more and more comfortable with each passing day, and eventually you’ll know the place inside and out. Also, don’t forget that you’re not going through this alone. There are several others going through this transition as well. Embrace the excitement of attending a new school and remember that soon enough, it will feel like your home away from home.



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