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5 Things to Do Before Summer Ends  

School has officially started. So has football. And even better, Cider Mills across Michigan are serving up freshly baked donuts and apple cider. What does all this mean? Fall is (almost) officially in the air. And yet, we still have a few weeks before we officially turn the page on summer. Here are some ways to spend them: 

Go to Tigers Game

The Detroit Tigers are in the midst of another exciting pennant race! Stop by Comerica Park and cheer them on as they complete for another division title — and hopefully a World Series Championship. Baseball games are especially fun this time of the year. The weather is terrific, the crowds are packed, and since the games have more meaning, there’s an extra spark in the air.

Overnight Trip Up North

If you haven’t been up north yet this season, don’t wait any longer. In a few weeks the weather will be too cold to enjoy some of the best parts of going up north, such as going to the beach. From Traverse City and Charlevoix, to Mackinac and Petoskey, there’s no shortage of places to visit. And since these areas are just a short drive away, you don’t need to do much planning. Just hop in your car and head north!

Outdoor Concert

It seems like just yesterday, we were telling you about some of the best concert venues in Michigan. While many of these venues are open year-round, some of them will soon close for the season. This includes DTE Energy Music Theatre, which concludes for the season on September 21. There are still some great performers on tap, like Aerosmith and Rascal Flatts. Take advantage of the warm weather and outdoor seating, and enjoy an unforgettable evening!

Go Camping

Michigan boasts some of the best campgrounds in the country. From the Great Lakes to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the state is blessed with natural beauty at every corner. Whether you’re a camping novice or a rugged adventurist, take advantage of the last few weeks of summer with an overnight camping trip. Or for a really easy adventure, just pitch a tent in your backyard and fall asleep under the stars!

Host an Outdoor Barbeque 

One of the best advantages of living in a spacious HomeFirstTM manufactured home is having your own backyard. Use all the space to your advantage and plan an outdoor barbeque for your family and friends. This is your chance to get everyone together and show off your digs! Here are some helpful tips for planning to the perfect party in your home.

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