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5 Things Not to Buy Online

Although shopping online can be convenient and an easier way to scope out deals among retailers; it shouldn’t be your go-to place to shop for everything. So what items shouldn’t you be buying online? These 5 things are better off to be purchased from your local brick and mortar.


Really Heavy Items

If you save money on a heavy large item online, you’ll more than likely make up for your savings by paying for the shipping!


Not to mention these items are heavy and the shipping costs will be very high, but in traditional stores there are more ways to get a great deal; you can bargain down the price and they always have floor models for sale on discount.


Don’t buy them online unless you truly have too. Shopping in stores provides you with the best discounts, using coupons increases the amount you save.

Clothing (some, not all)

The reality is that inventory is tough to manage in a store, so when a store ends up with a back room full of inventory they provide large discounts to move the product. These kind of discounts aren’t always found online. Also, being able to try on and feel clothing before purchasing it makes it less of a hassle; no returns, no shipping and handling fees and no computer errors!

Cheap Stuff

When purchasing everyday small cheap items such as pens or shampoo, it is simpler and more affordable to do so in stores. You can avoid shipping fees and snag great in store deals from weekly flyers and coupons.

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