5 Secrets to Conserving Smartphone Battery

From talking and texting, to browsing and gaming, most Americans wouldn’t change a thing about their beloved smartphones – except maybe their battery life. If there’s one knock against smartphones, it’s their leaky battery. While keeping a charger around is the best way to keep your phone’s battery level high, that isn’t always possible. Here are a few ways to conserve battery on your iPhone or Android device:

Reduce Brightness

Dimming your phone even a little bit can help you preserve potentially hours worth of battery life. Under most circumstances your phone is perfectly visible even when its brightness isn’t maxed out. Dimming your phone is also good for your eyes.

Use Airplane Mode

When you’re busy and don’t have time to field calls and text messages, shift your phone into airplane mode. Doing this for an hour or so every day should help you extend battery life. Remember, though, that airplane mode prevents you from receiving calls and texts, so if your family has no other way of reaching you, you may want to leave this setting off.

Disable Wi-Fi

When your Wi-Fi setting is turned on, your phone burns through battery trying to find a network. If you’re not using the Internet – or the 4G network is sufficient – deactivating your Wi-Fi can help you preserve battery.

Close Apps

Exit out of apps that you’re not using, especially those that require Internet connection like Facebook or Google Maps. Even when these apps aren’t technically being used, they are silent battery burners.

Deactivate Bluetooth

If you’re not using your phone’s Bluetooth feature, you might as well deactivate it. You want to do this for the same reason you want to disable Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. There’s nothing to gain and plenty to lose by having it on.

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