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5 Reasons America Is the Best

Happy Fourth of July! It was on this day 238 years ago that the United States of America became an independent nation. While we celebrate America’s birthday, we should take time to appreciate how lucky we all are to live here. Here are 5 reasons USA is the best country in the world!


While we see other countries across the world fight for their freedom, we can sit back and appreciate that we already have it. Few other countries give their citizens as many personal liberties as the United States. From freedom of speech and freedom of press, to the many other rights granted to us in the U.S. Constitution, we have it pretty good here.


From sea to shining sea, America is dotted with breathtaking beauty you can’t find anywhere else. Drive around the country and you’ll be mesmerized by the scenery. From the Grand Canyons in Arizona, to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the natural beauty that abounds here is nothing short of astounding.


People travel to the United States from all over the world for a taste of American culture. No other country can stake claim to a business like Hollywood, which brings in hopeful actors and filmmakers from across the world. We also thrive in arts, theater and sports. The world’s top athletes, like Detroit’s own Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, come here to play in our professional sports leagues.


Some people take things like access to water, reliable roads and functional plumbing for granted, but not those who live in some other countries. On continents like Africa, some children have to walk miles just for a few sips of clean water. All we have to do is turn on the sink.


Americans are born innovators. We’ve invented some of the world’s most important machinery, vaccines and consumer products. From older inventions like the telephone and light bulb, to modern inventions like the credit card and artificial heart, Americans have given birth to some of the world’s great inventions. And in this digital era, we’re not slowing down.

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